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Numerical Analysis

This is the website for the course MATH-UA 9252: Numerical Analysis. Lecture notes and assignments will posted here weekly. Apart from the first few lectures which will be fully online, all the lectures will be hybrid: in room 406 and online at the Zoom link indicated below.

Practical information

Tuesday and Thursday 14:15-15:30 Paris time, Room 406.
Thursday 15:45-17:15 Paris time, Room 406.
Office hours
Tuesday 15:40, or by email appointment.
Zoom link
70% assignments, 30% final exam.
Reference textbook

There will be an additional online lecture on Friday 18 Feb 14:15-15:30, which is the make up day for Tuesday 25 Jan.

Lecture notes

Midterm and final exam


Unless otherwise specified, the due time for assignments is the Friday of the following week, end of the day. All the assignments carry an equal weight. You can send your work by email to

At any time during the course, you can earn bonus points for the next assignment, with a maximum of +2 out of 10, if you spot typos in the lecture notes (only the sections explicitly listed): +0.4 for an English or formatting typo, and +1 for a mathematical error. To communicate that you found a typo, you can either send me an email with [TYPO] in the subject line, or fix the typo directly in the LaTeX source. (For the latter option, you will need a Github account.)

Julia codes

Detailed log (adjusted a posteriori)

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